How IDM Works

What Is Intentional Direct Mail?

Intent-Based Marketing

Intentional Direct Mail technology targets previously unknown website visitors who've demonstrated interest in a business. A custom direct mail postcard will be delivered to a potential customer's home within days of their website visit.


Intent is Captured

A customer visits your website and is captured by a retargeting pixel placed on your website. We use available information captured by that pixel to identify a user’s home address.


Production & Mailing

Within 24 hours, a custom direct mail postcard will be headed to the customer’s home, with a special offer for visiting your site.


Offer Redemption

The customer redeems the special offer on your custom direct mail postcard.

Take Advantage of the Marketing You Are Already Doing

How much are you already spending to drive potential customers to your website?

Intent is a key part of a customer’s journey to purchase. If someone reaches your website, that means that your marketing reached them, and they were intrigued enough to visit. The intent is there, and your marketing strategy is working. Intentional Direct Mail is a tangible, effective engagement tool that can now reach those customers again to help drive sales.

  • Search Engine Marketing/SEO
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Radio/TV/Print
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Display

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